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Smartphones find a growing role in the kitchen

This is a trend that has been going on for a while now, but this is the first time I've seen some real, solid numbers on it. Smartphones are playing a bigger and bigger role in kitchens, of all places. Back in the day, I remember most phones being too fragile and too problematic in the UI depar...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: How do I post a website on Dropbox?

Dear Aunt TUAW, I read Uncle Steve's write-up about posting an iWeb site to a Dropbox folder. It's a great blog post and neat trick! But it's using the Public folder... Is there a way to use a non-public folder to do the same? Your loving nephew, Seb Dear Seb, Auntie is fond of Kis...

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Konami website now iPhone-accessible

Make this happen by mirroring the standard Konami sequence (up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right) using swipes instead of touching command keys. When you get to the BA sequence, a controller will appear on-screen to let you tap the B-button and then the A-button. As for the Konami-compa...

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Wolfram|Alpha now has an iPhone portal

The knowledge engine at the heart of the recently launched Wolfram|Alpha site can answer queries that would baffle traditional search engines. It can make amazing comparisons, perform linguistic searches, and provides a way to do calculations that are impossible elsewhere other than in a copy of Mat...

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RapidWeaver 3.6.2 released

Realmac Software today released v3.6.2 of RapidWeaver, their popular WYSIWYG tool for creating websites, podcasts, blogs and more. Among the new features of this version are: Aperture Support in the iMedia Browser Dynamic PHP Sidebar option for the blog plugin Sidebar is now a fully feat...

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Dailymotion releases iPhone site

Those wily mobileers at Engadget Mobile send a pointer to Dailymotion's new iPhone-specific site. No matter how you feel about iPhone-specific websites, watching videos on the iPhone is always fun, and since Dailymotion has taken the time to encode the content in Quicktime, it's actually possible ...

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Mark/Space announces Missing Sync for PSP

Mark/Space, purveyors of popular Missing Sync middle-man software that lets more than just iSync-friendly devices shake hands with your Mac, has just announced yet another version in their lineup: Missing Sync 1.0 for the PSP. In addition to all those games, movies and music files you're lugging aro...

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