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Tag: weekend

Weekend App Store sales: Crescent Moon, EA, King of Fighters, more

There's no holiday this weekend, but there are some great app sales floating around. Here's some to look out for. Steam is wrapping up its annual summer sale soon, and while most of the offerings are PC only (which you can still play by Boot Camping over to Windows) there are a few titles ...

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Daily iPhone App: Star Wars Pit Droids is free on May the fourth (be with you)

Star Wars Pit Droids is a fun little Star Wars-themed arcade puzzle game from LucasArts on the App Store. Since because today is May the fourth (be with you), the game is free all weekend long. There's not a whole lot going on with this one. It's essentially a Chu Chu Rocket clone, and your j...

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Presidents Day app sales: Grand Theft Auto 3, Silversword, Dead Space

We just had a round of App Store sales, but Monday's bringing another holiday with Presidents Day. Developers are putting even more apps on sale yet again. Here's a look at what's cheap (or even free) this holiday weekend: Match 3 Battle Harvest has gone free. All of Origin8's Sentinel tower def...

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iOS apps on sale and free this weekend

There are a few sales going around this weekend -- most of them are in tribute to the late, great Steve Jobs. Steph Thirion's Eliss is free in tribute to Jobs and his life. RPG puzzler Crystal Soul is also free. Line-drawing air combat title Pigs in Trees is free for a day. The...

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Free and sale apps on iOS this weekend

Happy weekend! There are a whole bunch of great iOS apps on sale (and some even free) this weekend, so if you need something fun to play on your iPhone or iPad, look no further: Plushed Gold Fever is a colorful running game that's free this weekend. Tiny Heroes, which we picked as a Da...

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Introducing the iPod ninja

We here at TUAW fortunately passed on reporting the obviously fake story of Steve Jobs being denied access to Japan because of ninja stars he was reportedly carrying in his luggage. But we did like this fake Apple page from the folks at Scoopertino, featuring the iPod ninja, a brand new throwing st...

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Capcom's titles go on sale for 99 cents

Good news everyone! Capcom's putting some of its iPhone titles on sale this weekend, so head on over to the App Store to pick up Resident Evil 4, 1942: First Strike, Mega Man II, Dark Void Zero, or a few of Capcom's other licensed games for just a penny short of a buck. Not all of the titles are on...

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Team Fortress 2 out for Mac Steam

Valve has released Team Fortress 2 for the Mac, along with a funny little video trailer highlighting the old PC vs. Mac fanboy wars (and a great comic featuring the TF2 characters' first visit to the Apple Store). If you've never played TF2, you're in for a treat -- it's a multiplayer team-based sh...

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iPad traffic spikes on the weekends

This wild little graph was derived from recent data that was provided by Net Applications (the same data that provided those iPhone stats earlier today). The iPad's Internet traffic has been growing by leaps and bounds on the weekends. As you can see above, over weekend periods since launch, iPad t...

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Beautiful retro handset base for the iPhone

It's the weekend, which seems like the perfect time for a groovy retro item like this one. The iRetrofone is a handset base for the iPhone that brings an old-school aesthetic to your new-school touchscreen cell phone. We've seen cool handsets before, but this one goes all the way. Any iPhone can si...

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iLickit might not be sanitary, but brings new meaning to 'oleophobic'

If you're the kind of person who complains in the comments whenever we post a useless app, then just move right on from this weekend post (or go check out Paradise Monkeys, it actually looks like a good one). But as weird and pointless as this app may be, we have to give the folks behind this iL...

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Ice-T repairs a Mac, his way

I don't think this is anything I would have ever asked to see, personally, but now that it's here, I can't look away. Above, you can click through to see a NSFW (language) video of the star of stage and screen, Ice-T, doing some "repairs" on a broken PowerBook -- the kinds of "repairs" you can onl...

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Weekend news roundup, no talkcast this week

It's a quiet weekend here at TUAW HQ, as most of our US-based team is enjoying a well-deserved break over the Memorial Day holiday weekend. Since everyone's drinking mojitos by the pool, we're not doing a talkcast tonight (sorry!), but you can grab last week's show (featuring host Christina "C-Mac" ...

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Apple sells 1m iPhone 3Gs, 10m apps

Apple reports that it sold its one millionth iPhone 3G on Sunday, meeting (if not exceeding) many analysts expectations that it would do so. This came despite deep hurting surrounding activation of the new phones on Friday. But hold on: because of clever accounting, a sizable fraction of those han...

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Weekend review: this week's software for 8-06-06

I hope you've cleaned out your downloads directory, because we have another roundup of software for the week of 7-30-06 to 8-5-06: Shareware Pukka 1.3 - bookmarking utility gets private 'mark and AppleScript support Packrat 0.87 - killer offline Backpack client (probably the only) ...

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