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Tag: weird

The creepiest app on the App Store is now free

You might think you've seen the strangest of the App Store, but unless you've downloaded Watching Cute Girl, I promise you that you haven't. Watching Cute Girl is an app that was originally released way back in 2012, but despite being one of the strangest concepts ever, it never really got much at...

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iPhones smuggled into China in beer bottles

It's pretty easy to understand most of this story. Someone in Hong Kong wanted to get a bunch of iPhones into Shenzen, China, so they decided to smuggle them across the border. That's illegal, but it makes sense. China charges heavy taxes on importing goods like these, and whoever ran this sche...

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iPhone stops a bullet, saves the life of a Rotterdam contractor

Image: Shutterstock According to De Telegraaf, a 49 year-old Rotterdam contractor was shot at and an iPhone in his pocket may have helped stop the bullet from hitting his heart. According to my limited Dutch language skills and Google's translation, "The bullet went straight through my phone back ...

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'Christmas in Cupertino': because there isn't enough weird stuff on the web

You guys know I love combining Christmas and my Mac, but this is just plain weird. A Dutch Apple community website by the name of One More Thing has written and produced a Christmas song called 'Christmas in Cupertino'. The song was composed and recorded in two weeks with the 'famous Dutch singer...

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Wacky Apple lawsuit of the day: Apple conspiring with Italian Mafia

Just when you think you've heard everything, along comes an Apple lawsuit that simply defies reality. Beverly Hills, CA resident Gregory McKenna has filed a 124-page complaint in a U.S. District Court in Missouri against Apple and a group of other defendants, including the F.B.I., the St. Louis Coun...

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3G S application that Apple forgot to mention: dog whistle

Update: The plot thickens: the phone also emits the noise just after recording video, and for a much longer period of time. An Apple discussion thread about the noise is here. Are dogs unusually attentive to, or angry at, your new iPhone 3G S? The folks over at Boy Genius Report have an inkling as ...

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What happened to NetShare? - UPDATED

It was there. And now it's... gone. What happened to iPhone 3G tethering app NetShare? For a while it was live on the App Store, for a meagre ten bucks. Then it vanished. And now, it seems to have vanished from Nullriver's web site, too. Their news page has no mention of NetShare. This smells of law...

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