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Apple quietly responds to whining (of MacBook Pros)

Rickard Almqvist at MacInTouch is reporting that Apple has apparently (and finally) produced a tweaked version of the MacBook Pro logic board in response to everyone's whining - MacBook Pro whining, that is. Rickard received a letter from Apple detailing the new board and stating that it was brand ...

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What does a whining MacBook Pro sound like?

I don't have a MacBook Pro, so I'm not able to listen to its infamous "whine." Luckily for me, some enterprising soul had the idea to record his whining laptop and post the audio to the web. He notes that the sound his computer makes in person is a bit different that what the recording presents, but...

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Litany of MacBook Pro woes

Daniel Jalkut has been writing about the noise issues with his MacBook Pro for awhile now, and he has had enough. The small problems he is having with his MacBook Pro (ordered very soon after they were announced) have become too much for him, and he hopes to convince Apple to send him a replacement...

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Does the MacBook Pro fan constantly run? And a note about the whiney noise [Update]

I have a minor dilemma, folks. If you remember, I reported on numerous problems with my MacBook Pro, some of which Apple acknowledged, some it didn't. I'm having a new difficulty: the left-side fan of the machine is constantly running, non-stop, from the moment I turn on the machine. The Apple Store...

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High pitched squeal defect on some MacBook Pros

While I certainly can't vouch for this problem myself as I don't own a MacBook Pro, there seem to be quite a few owners of the new laptop with complaints over a high pitched noise emanating from their machines. Our own Dan Pourhadi had a whine on his new MacBook Pro, even though it may not be the ...

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