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Tablet speculation: How could a tablet connect to the world?

Do you know what word Dave Caolo is hearing in his sleep? Tablet. What phrase is trending mightily on Google Search? Tablet. What is every Apple fanboy and fangirl dreaming of new gift-giving holiday in the March/April timeframe? Tablet. It's what good little geeks hope to find on ...

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iPod touch: Always a bridesmaid ...

With all the fanfare this week surrounding the iPhone, let's not forget the famed handset's red-headed stepchild: the iPod touch. Hardware updates to the line weren't exactly expected just now. Apple tends to save their iPod updates for special music events held every year since 2003. After Apple's ...

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My ideal iPod touch

Don't get me wrong, I love my iPod touch. As a matter of fact, I'm writing this post with it on the beach as my girlfriend goes surfing. But with Apple's new product announcement on Tuesday, it makes me wonder what changes could be in store for our favorite supercharged music player. I think the sin...

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