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White iPad mini sells out in 20 minutes

Apple started accepting pre-orders for its iPad mini today and demand for the white model quickly outstripped Apple's supply, noted Philip Elmer-DeWitt of Apple 2.0. Pre-orders began at 12:01 AM PT and within 20 minutes, the ship date for all versions of the white iPad mini slipped from "Delive...

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BMW designer: Apple affected the popular color of cars

White is the new black in the automobile world thanks to Steve Jobs, says a report in Motoramic. BMW design works lead designer Sandy McGill told Motoramic that Apple has breathed new life into the color. He said, "Prior to Apple, white was associated with things like refrigerators or the tiles...

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Say Goodbye to the White MacBook (Updated)

Update: The MacBook will continue to be available to educational institutions, Engadget reports. With the launch of the new Sandy Bridge MacBook Air models, Apple has sent its US$999 MacBook to the graveyard. All links for the older white MacBook model are gone from Apple's website and now re...

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White Ninja crashes car into Greensboro, NC Apple store

A man reportedly dressed in a hooded white "ninja" outfit crashed his car into the Apple store in Greensboro, North Carolina. The accident occurred early Friday morning before the store was open. Witnesses who saw the accident claim that one man abandoned the car and fled the scene without taki...

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UK has white iPhone now, Netherlands company memo suggests next week

Just in time for Easter, it's finally here -- our friends at Engadget have obtained actual pictures of the official white iPhone 4, which was purportedly sold by a Vodafone UK retailer to a tipster. It's just what you'd expect it to be (like the iPhone 4, but, y'know, white), save for being one...

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Phil Schiller says white iPhone coming this spring

Increasingly it seems that when you have a question about an Apple product, you should bypass the support forums and go directly to Apple's top brass. When asked about the white iPhone 4 on Twitter, Apple's senior vice president of worldwide product marketing, Phil Schiller, responded with an ent...

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Apple Store offline... and back up with no changes

Yup, the US store is down. Couldn't tell you why just yet, but if you really wanted to buy that new MacBook Air this evening, you'll have to wait until it comes back up. When we see something new, we'll post about it here -- or just stay tuned to the comments on this post! What could it be? A Ma...

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Jobs clears up proximity sensor fix, white iPhone 4, and international plans at press conference

Steve Jobs cleared up a few pending iPhone 4 issues quickly near the end of today's press conference today. First, he said that Apple would be releasing a software fix soon for the proximity sensor issues customers have been experiencing. A fix for that problem would be available in the next softwa...

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White iPhones "more challenging" says Apple, unavailable until mid-July

Well, that's interesting -- Apple has just posted an official statement on its site that says the white iPhone 4s have been "more challenging to manufacture than expected," and therefore won't be available until late July. No further statement is given, but it looks like if you were waiting until yo...

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Some things we may not see again from Apple

Conan O'Brien once had a recurring segment on Late Night called "Guests We Won't Have Back," during which he would look back at guests (who were fake) that he regretted having on the show. There was bug expert Sara Wiggins, who ate a live beetle in front of the camera. And there was wine expert Cha...

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File under "This won't last": new white MacBook benchmarks faster than unibody model

In a thorough review of the new speed-bumped white MacBook, Macworld notes an intriguing fact: the 2.13GHz model of the $999 entry-level laptop actually outperforms the base unibody model. The magazine's benchmarks show a 4 percent advantage for the new white MacBook over the $1299 2GHz aluminum la...

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TUAW Back-to-School Giveaway Day Seven: White Apple Pen

Before you fill out that employment application you're going to need a pen. This might not be the iPen, but it is a white Apple logo pen from the Cupertino store. There's really not much more to say, is there? It's a pen. It's white. It has an Apple logo. Thus, we shall give one away. Oh, and anothe...

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MacBook Hygiene

There's a curious meme on the web today: how to clean your MacBook effectively. Over at MacApper, Josh Holloway has apparently discovered (via InsanelyMac) that the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is the key to black Mac nirvana. And in an apparently unrelated post over at the FreeMacBlog Brian Stucki has de...

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