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iTunes Connect is still down, was due back today

It looks like the iTunes Connect team is still on "holiday break"; it was scheduled to end today. iTunes Connect is used by developers to manage their apps on the iTunes Store and to check sales of their apps. Developers have been without iTunes Connect since last Wednesday. Those who were hoping...

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Did an NYT editor let the 'Slate' slip?

There's a loud buzzing this morning, and it's not just the hangover from late-night celebrations of the Yankees' pennant win; quite a few tech and Mac sites (we heard it first from Edible Apple, although it's really everywhere now) are reporting on week-old remarks from the New York Times executive ...

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Lifted tutorial code winds up in $0.99 App Store tennis game

For some, the recently released iTennis game in the iTunes App Store looked extremely familiar -- that's because it was a rather blatant ripoff of code provided by the iCodeBlog, a site known for its free iPhone coding tutorials. The original tutorial, written by Brandon Trebitowski, was apparently ...

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Apple's DNS patch coming up short

The distance between good intentions and actual results seems to be getting longer and longer. While Apple did release a security patch yesterday that included a fix to BIND for the highly publicized cache poisoning exploit -- some time after most other vendors got updates out to customers -- that f...

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