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Widget Watch: iPhone 3G Day

It was bound to happen, and Matthew Raskin was the first (to my knowledge) to do it. That's right, Matthew whipped up a widget that counts down to iPhone 3G day: July 11th. That's about all this widget does, but I'm sure lots of people are aching to know exactly how long they have to wait until they...

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Widget Watch: Woot!

This Lifehacker comment thread made me go researching on what I might use for Webclips, but save for the front page of my favorite blog (TUAW, duh), I couldn't think of anything I'd really want to keep on my Dashboard 24/7. I did like the idea of putting Woot.com (and Shirt.woot, which I've been l...

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Widget Watch: Showcase your TiVo's content on your Mac

Unfortunately, an HD TiVo was too expensive for me in 2007, and none of my friends or relatives ponied up the cash to get me one as a gift this holiday season, so I'm forced to settle with the extremely inferior Comcast HD DVR box. But for you TiVo owners, here's an awesome plugin to easily and st...

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WidgetWatch: DoBeDo ready for Leopard

I don't know what it is-- in all my computing life, I have never once found a ToDo app that's kept me ToDo-ing. I'll decide to get organized, find a system and learn it, and a few weeks later, I'll have about 15 things to do that I never remembered to put on my ToDo list. But maybe DoBeDo can finall...

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Widget Watch: DockDoctor lets you choose your Dock's dimensions

First we tweaked the app indicators, and then we tweaked the color, and now we've finally come all the way back in our Time Machine (oh yes, pun very intended) to two weeks ago. Innermind Media, the folks behind WidgetWizard, are probably a little angry at Leopard, considering all that Web Clip fu...

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