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Tag: widgets

Music Center lets you select music from your lock screen or any app

Music Center (free) is a very cool little app that lets you see your iOS music library from your lock screen or inside any app. It's a notification center widget, and it works quite well. You load the app, and you can select lists by song, album, artist, and playlists. Then go to your Today noti...

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Neato lets you take notes, send messages, and more from your iOS 8 widgets

For writers and business minded users everywhere, the iPhone is as much a note taking tool as it is a phone, web, or email device. The only hitch is having to open an app every time you want to take a note, though thanks to a new iOS 8 widget this everyday task can be done much faster. Neato ...

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Apple reverses decision on widget policy, PCalc in the clear

Yesterday, PCalc developer James Thomson revealed on Twitter that his top-rated app had been hit with a request from Apple asking for its widget functionality to be removed. The reason offered -- that a widget can't be allowed to perform any calculations -- seemed a bit strange, but the odd decisi...

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Apple asks PCalc devs to remove app widget due to obscure rule

PCalc is one of the most popular utilities on the App Store, and since it made the move to iOS 8 and added Notification Center widget functionality, it got even better. Apple seemed to agree at first, and even promoted the app on its Featured page. Now, PCalc developer James Thomson has revealed o...

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Vidgets has lots of widgets

Vidgets is a handy free iOS app that enables a number of Today screen widgets on your iOS 8 device. When you launch the app, you can choose to add any of 20 different widgets. The app features analog and digital clocks, status of your device (battery, storage, memory usage), and GPS information (ana...

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Do you want widgets in iOS?

Of all the differences between iOS and its competitors, the lack of widget functionality on Apple's mobile OS is one of the decisions that often polarizes user opinions. If widgets were to be introduced to the iPhone and iPad, it's of course unclear how it would potentially look, but Jay Machalani...

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Status Board updated with bugfixes, performance improvements

Panic's well-received Status Board app has been updated to version 1.1, and as you might imagine, it's mostly a bugfix update. The biggest issue fixed was probably a bug with sending standard video out, but that should be all taken care of according to Panic (sending HD video out still requires...

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Mountain Lion 101: Dashboard changes

Apple introduced the Dashboard and Widgets with OS X 10.4 Tiger. Mountain Lion introduces the first big update it's seen in a long time. Here's what's new. Apple has changed the process of adding a widget to your Dashboard. To begin, click the "+" in the lower left-hand corner, as usual. Now, a ...

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iOS 5 jailbreak offers third-party Notification Center widgets

Jailbreakers have already cracked iOS 5's Notification Center widgets, according to 9to5Mac. Notification screen widgets are little apps -- or widgets -- that run in the new Notifications Center in iOS 5. iOS 5 will ship with two widgets, stocks and weather. However, as usual, the jailbreak commu...

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iOS 5 to feature 'completely revamped' notifications, widgets

TechCrunch reports that iOS 5, expected to debut at WWDC next month, will feature a "completely revamped" notification system and widgets. Apple has long been rumored to be revamping its notifications system in iOS, and many have expected that such a notification system revamp would make its way ...

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Dashboard: Irrelevant in the age of iOS or gaining new life in Lion?

The blogging crew here at TUAW headquarters frequently gets inspiration from emails that we receive from developers and hardware manufacturers. As a perfect example, the inbox the other morning contained some information about an upcoming iOS app that syncs to a Dashboard widget. Fellow blogger...

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Solved: The case of the missing .Mac widgets

Back in April of 2005, Apple released the much-awaited Mac OS X 10.4 "Tiger" OS. One of the big new features of Tiger was Dashboard. The overlay feature supported Widgets, mini-apps that were the descendants of Mac OS 9 Desk Accessories, and that some might consider the precursors to modern iOS a...

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Four widgets for learning

While the app store ecosystem for the iPhone, and now iPad, are filled with a host of useful apps to help students convert, translate and calculate figures and words, there may be times where an iPhone or iPad app just don't fit into your workflow. Back when Mac OS X Tiger was launched, which happe...

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iPad app previews aplenty all across the Web

We're seeing tons and tons of news about iPad apps dropping now, and we're still a few days away from launch. In addition to our own coverage, here's a bunch of the other previews we've seen popping up around the community: This iVerse Comics app looks excellent, and it's one of the first univers...

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First Look: It's About Time brings widgets to the iPad with mini apps

Several years ago at Macworld Expo, I had the pleasure of meeting Saied Ghaffari, CEO of a small company called It's About Time Products, LLC. The company had created a training app which ran on the Mac and provided new iPhone users a chance to learn more about their devices, iTunes, and synchron...

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