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Tag: windows 7

Apple issues day-one EFI update for new iMacs to address Boot Camp issue

No sooner had Apple announced the 2013 iMacs than they also issued a day-one EFI (Extensible Firmware Interface) update for the speedy new all-in-ones. The update is targeted at an issue that sometimes occurs when installing a Boot Camp partition with Windows 7 or Windows 8. The issue appears whe...

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OnLive Desktop changes from Windows 7 to Windows Server 2008

When OnLive launched its virtual desktop service for the iPad, it was rapidly rebuked by Microsoft over licensing issues with the Windows 7-based service. The company has switched from Windows 7 to Windows Server 2008 R2 and is now in compliance, says a report in Ars Technica and a post from Br...

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OnLive Desktop brings Windows 7, Office apps to your iPad

If you haven't heard of OnLive before, get ready to hear a lot more about them in 2012. The streaming company has been around for a few years, but is just now making some major inroads into streaming all sorts of services to your iPad. We've already covered the OnLive offering for Mac, consol...

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Laptop magazine gives Lion the thumbs-up over Windows 7

This week, Laptop compared OS X Lion versus Windows 7 to determine which operating system was "better," both overall and in individual features. OS X Lion took Laptop's top overall score, mostly on the strength of Lion's better interface, Multi-Touch gestures, Spotlight, iLife, and Time Machine...

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Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac: Faster, new features, better mobility

Parallels 7 has just been announced. The latest iteration of Parallels, the virtualization environment that currently has about 75% of the total Mac market share for VM software, ships with more than 90 new and enhanced features. As you'd expect, one of the enhancements is the speed of the...

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Apple's back-to-school promo reportedly beating Microsoft 8 to 2

According to a report from Global Equities Research, more incoming college students are picking up an Apple computer than a Windows computer this year. Apple is not just edging out Microsoft either; Macs are beating out Windows machines at an impressive rate of 8 to 2. About 80% of incoming s...

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Study finds Macs account for 11% of corporate computers, Windows XP dominates

After 27 years of existence, the Mac may finally be getting some respect in corporations. According to a study by research firm Forrester, Macs have jumped from 9.1% of all computers in enterprises in April, 2010 to 11% in March of 2011. The study looked at 400,000 computers from 2,500 companie...

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How to get Windows 7's best features on Mac OS X

Lifehacker has a nice post that shows you how to add some Windows 7 features to your Mac OS X computer. One of the nicest hacks is the ability to show a preview of an app when it's in the dock just like Windows 7 does with its Aero interface. There's also a way to remap your keyboard to use Win...

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Doing the Math: At $29.99, Mac OS X Lion was WWDC's most expensive product

Our own Dave Caolo pointed out something that took the rest of the TUAW team aback: at US$29.99, Mac OS X Lion was the most expensive product discussed at WWDC today. It's not as though the next version of the Mac's operating system had a lot of pricing competition at the keynote. iOS 5 will be...

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Apple to drop Samba networking tools from Lion

Changes to its licensing may lead Samba, an open source suite of tools for networking with Windows systems, to be chopped from Mac OS X Lion, according to a report from AppleInsider. Instead, Apple will develop its own solutions for interacting with neighboring Windows systems over a network. ...

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Mac has Blu-ray envy in Microsoft ad

Are Macs envious of Windows 7's ability to play Blu-ray discs? Microsoft seems to think so, as seen in this stop-motion web video highlighting a Windows 7 laptop computer and a jealous MacBook. The MacBook is blown away by the PC's ability to play a Blu-ray disc of Avatar, saying "it feels like we'...

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HP Slate has a bad solution to "too many stickers" syndrome

Daring Fireball points to this little gem in the hands-on gallery our sister site Engadget had with forthcoming Windows would-be iPad competitor, the HP Slate. To explain what you're looking at, you'll need to look into this crystal ball showing an image of HP's product design offices six months ag...

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HyperDock puts some Win7 in your OS X Dock

My shocking day job revelation: I write enterprise Java software using Windows. There, my secret shame is finally out. Now that that's off my chest, I have something to confess about Windows 7: Microsoft must be doing something right because I hate it considerably less than any other version of ...

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Found footage: The inevitable Windows 7 tablet vs. iPad video

When Microsoft decided to drop the rather interesting Courier slate concept, some of us here at TUAW expected to see a parade of Windows Mobile Phone Whatever tablets coming out of Redmond. Instead, in a manner somewhat akin to putting lipstick on a pig, manufacturers are preparing a bunch of W...

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Ask TUAW: Power adapters, Windows 7, iWork refresh, and more

Welcome back to Ask TUAW, our weekly troubleshooting Q&A column. This week we've got questions about MacBook power adapters, Windows 7 in Boot Camp and virtualization in general, resetting the Mac Setup Assistant, the next iWork refresh, and more. As always, your suggestions and questions are...

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