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Curiosity ends; Winner will become Godus' god

We've been following the saga of 22Cans' Curiosity ever since it started last year, and after speeding up the project just recently, Peter Molyneux has announced via Twitter today that it's now done. The last cube has been tapped by a winner in Scotland named Bryan Henderson, and the prize is th...

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Apple's 50 billionth app contest winner saved up five app purchases

Brandon Ashmore, a 21-year-old from Mentor, Ohio, has a lot to smile about as the winner of a US$10,000 gift card from Apple for being the person who downloaded the 50 billionth app from the App Store. Ashmore told NewsChannel5 in Cleveland that he had saved up five apps to download onto his iPhon...

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25 billionth app downloader flown to Beijing by Apple

Fu Chunli, who downloaded the 25 billionth app from the App Store (yes, 25 billionth), was flown from her hometown of Qingdao, China to the Beijing Apple Store. Chunli has dubbed the "Apple Girl" by Chinese media, and didn't believe Apple representatives when they first shared the good news. To...

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Navigon finds itself atop TUAW Best of 2011 voting results

The results of our reader poll for the best iPhone navigation app of 2011 are in. Navigon's iPhone navigation products lead the pack with 46.7 percent of the votes, besting second-place TomTom with only 21.7 percent. Navigon's products include regional, national and continent-wide GPS navigat...

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There can be only one TUAW iPad winner

Last week we ran a little giveaway for our tester iPad, a 16GB Wi-Fi model. It provoked some reader interest -- we got over 11,000 entries! Out of those little fishies swimming upstream, our giveaway bear smacked one special fish into our bucket. So, congratulations, David I. from Indianapolis, we'...

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Flickr (err, Etsy) Find: Iron Mac

Ok, so usually our Flickr Find feature is about photographic stuff, but this was so cool I had to share it anyway. Gizmodo (via SlashFilm) found this awesome MacBook sticker over on Etsy, and I think, though the Newton one is still cool, that we have a new winner for coolest MacBook sticker ever. U...

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Announcing the Chilli X giveaway winners!

We started taking entries for a giveaway last week, with 10 copies of Chilli X's Playlist Alarm Clock up for grabs. If you missed the initial coverage, Playlist Alarm Clock is the iPhone app that lets you build custom playlists for falling asleep and waking up. We asked for your custom playlists and...

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Xmod giveaway WINNER

Thanks to everyone who entered the Xmod Giveaway! We only had one unit, which means only one winner. A big congratulations to Morgan-William in Brooklyn, who proved it is possible to leave a comment on a post-- and wind up with a cool Xmod from Creative. We're hoping to roll out some more giveaways ...

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Apple Store 5th Ave. treats 1 millionth visitor

Her new name is "Mrs. Right Place, Right Time." When shopper Elizabeth Rodriguez walked into New York's flagship Apple Store this past Saturday, she was showered with a MacBook, iPod, iPod Hi-Fi, and an Apple ProCare membership, all for being visitor # 1,000,000. The amazing thing is that the store ...

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TUAW Podcast, The Sixth

As promised last week, here's our next installment of our podcast sans the month-long wait. This special .Mac podcast begins with a discussion between David Chartier*, Dave Caolo, and myself about .Mac and then Victor Agreda, Jr. and I discuss .Mac some more. We're working to get the feed problems ...

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