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Tag: winter

Winter Wake-Up app adjusts your alarms for bad weather

As we settle in for the rest of the long, cold winter, we're just about to hit the time of year where it's most likely you'll hear the two sweetest words in the English language. No, not "cellar door." I'm talking about "snow day." Winter Wake-up is a new app that combines two different usual...

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Apple awarded patent for capacitive touchscreen-friendly 'magic' gloves

Apple received a patent for a glove system that is compatible with a touchscreen. Anyone who has used an iPhone, iPod touch or an iPad in a cold weather climate knows the pain of having to remove a glove to answer a call or check an email. Even thin driving gloves impede your ability to use your iOS...

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Winter Olympics 2010: The iPhone experience

The Opening Ceremony of the 2010 Winter Olympics kicks off tonight at 7:30pm ET/PT. Here's a list of some ways you can enjoy this year's games on your iPhone. 2010Guide - Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games: The Official Mobile Spectator Guide [iTunes link] Free. This app is a location-aware sch...

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Frozen iPod returns from the grave

Andrew sent us this great story -- he found an iPod classic in the melting snow of Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada. It had apparently been there "since early winter," and was frozen solid... as is the case, we'd imagine, with most things left outside there between September and April. Incredibly, though...

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DOTS gloves let you use your iPhone even when it's cold

This is pretty brilliant in its own special way. Let's paint the scene -- you're wandering the cold streets of Chicago a few months from now, and you're wondering where the closest pizza place is. You whip out your iPhone to pull up the Google Maps application, but wait -- your hands are covered i...

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Use your iPhone and keep your hands warm

With the first day of Autumn on Monday, cold weather is just around the corner for much of the northern hemisphere. But don't worry, you can still wear gloves and use your iPhone with Dots Gloves. Dots Gloves include a little metal button at the fingertip that allows you to use the multitouch scree...

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Found Footage: iPod glove liner offers new hope to snowbound music lovers

Jason W. has submitted a video demonstrating his latest innovation: a glove liner with magnetic contacts which functions as a wintertime remote and looks like a sweet way to geek out your cold-weather gear. It might quite possibly also be a less-expensive solution than some previously available wint...

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