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T-Mobile to finally start carrying the iPhone with no contract, pay $99.99 upfront, and HSPA+ support (updated)

This one falls in the "it's about time" category: the last of the national US cellular carriers is finally going to offer the iPhone. T-Mobile will officially carry the iPhone starting April 12, with pre-orders beginning April 5. At the company's Uncarrier event this morning in New York City,...

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Verizon Wireless to transition grandfathered customers from unlimited data plans

Speaking at a J.P. Morgan Conference, Verizon Wireless CFO Fran Shammo revealed that the carrier plans to transition its grandfathered customers off their unlimited data plans, says a report in Fierce Wireless. Shammo confirmed that, starting this summer, customers moving from a 3G phone with a...

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China Telecom launches iPhone promo to boost corporate sales

China Telecom posted disappointing quarterly earnings for Q1 2012 and is turning to the iPhone to help it turn things around. According to Hong Kong's The Standard, the wireless carrier is launching an iPhone promotion to encourage businesses to sign up with China Telecom. Any business that buy...

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iPad 4G branding strategy defended by Apple in Australia

In an ongoing battle in Australia over the use of 4G in the iPad name, Apple's now arguing that its naming convention adheres to the standard use of the term 4G. According to a report in The Australian, Apple claims, The descriptor '4G'... conveys to consumers in Australia that the iPad wi...

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Verizon Wireless to start charging $30 handset upgrade fee

A Reuters report claims Verizon Wireless will start charging customers an additional US$30 when they upgrade their phone. This fee will apply to existing customers who buy new hardware with a two-year customer agreement. Verizon says it's levying this additional charge in order to "provide cust...

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iPhone 4S launches on China Telecom to 200,000 pre-orders

China Telecom started selling the iPhone 4S today and became the second Chinese wireless carrier to offer the Apple smartphone. According to a M.I.C. Gadget report, China Telecom processed 200,000 pre-orders in seven days, with the highest number of orders coming from Beijing (10,000) and Shanghai...

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Steve Jobs wanted to bypass cell carriers entirely

Speaking at a Law Seminars International event in Seattle, former T-Mobile head John Stanton said Steve Jobs wanted to launch the iPhone without carrier support. Part of his vision was to create a carrier for the iPhone that ran on unlicensed WiFi spectrum. "He wanted to replace carriers," said...

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Discarded iPhones in the US

Horace Dediu of Asymco is good with numbers and his latest work uses this skill to look at discarded iPhones in the US. Dediu takes monthly comScore data and quarterly activation data provided by the wireless carriers to calculate the install base of the iPhone in the US. His number crunching a...

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