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The QiStone+ is the first wireless power pack for your iDevices

If you're like me, you sometimes travel with an external battery pack to keep your iPhone or iPad charged if you are on the road or just can't get to a wall outlet. Those battery packs work well, but they are tethered with a cable to your device. So here's something a bit different. The QiStone+ ...

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iQi Mobile Receiver: Wireless charging for the iPhone 5 family

Wireless inductive charging seems to be a kind of Holy Grail lately -- a lot of companies are on the quest to bring it to all smartphone and tablet devices. I recently reviewed a battery case that charges an iPhone wirelessly. It's actually pretty nice to walk into the house or office, and put my iP...

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Aero Wireless Charging cases for iPhone 5s and 5

There are plenty of battery cases available for the iPhone, all built to keep our devices going. Mophie sells a popular option and now uNu is offering a wireless charging case that works with the Aero Wireless Case. This combination uses induction to get the job done. Once inside the case, just pla...

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