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Meet Heckerty, well-known British children's story, makes its way to the iPad

Meet Heckerty is a delightful British children's story starring Heckerty, a "zany, 409-year-old, upside-down-on-her-broomstick, green-faced witch," and her sidekick cat Zanzibar. The traditional story has made its way to the iPad with a wonderful adaptation that takes advantage of the interacti...

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Witch window manager on sale for 48 hours

The folks over at Many Tricks have put Witch on sale for US$10 (normally $19) until 7 AM Pacific Time on Friday, January 28. It's been awhile since we talked about Witch on TUAW, but it's a perennial favorite utility to switch between windows. Witch shows you not just which applications are running...

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Witch 2.0 goes shareware

Peter Maurer has announced the release of Witch 2.0, an update to the handy pop-up window switcher from Many Tricks. Witch lets you to use the keyboard to bring up a bezel listing of the titles of all open windows, and allows you to switch between, "zoom, minimize/deminimize and close windows on th...

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Ask TUAW: DVD into iMovie, Dialogs with Keyboard and More

Last week Ask TUAW took a little unplanned vacation, but it's back this week none the worse for wear. This time we'll be taking up questions from two weeks ago on getting video from a home DVD into iMovie, dismissing dialog boxes using the keyboard rather than the mouse, printing CD case labels, and...

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Witch - bring Windows app switching to Mac OS X

The way that applications, windows and our OS behave is a subject of much debate. Toss some life-long switchers into the mix and boy-howdy, you got yourself the nerd version of a bar fight. One of these much debated behaviors between Mac OS X and Windows is how to handle switching between applicat...

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