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Hands-on with Grovemade's luscious Walnut iPad Sleeve

Damn those designers at Grovemade! Every time I turn around they're making magic with wood and coming up with some product that just makes me smile at their design skill and manufacturing savvy. This time, they've wandered into the realm of iPad sleeves, something that is usually the domain of com...

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Twelve South BookArc möd steps away from metal, embraces wood

Just yesterday we announced Twelve South's new HiRise stand Tactical Black finish and are giving one away; today we're going to take a look at a new take on the venerable BookArc MacBook stand. It's called the BookArc möd (US$79.99) and bring the warm look and feel of wood to a great accessor...

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Element Case's Ronin iPhone 5 case: Wood, metal, leather, beautiful

I'm not going to spoil an upcoming review of the new Element Case Ronin iPhone 5 case by saying too much other than to say that information about this gorgeous US$199.95 hand-crafted case will be available tomorrow on the Element Case website. In the meantime, feast your eyes on this luscious p...

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Germanmade handmade wood and leather g.2 iPad-Case for iPad 2

Most premium iPad cases are pretty similar. Some are bags, some flips cases, some sleeves -- Germanmade has done something a bit different with their book-style case. Construction and design Made from leather stretched over veneer, the case has a uniquely organic feel. From the outside it...

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Root Cases beautifully protect your Apples and also plant trees

I'll be the first to admit that I'm a sucker for wood and Apple products. The wonderful iPad cases from BlackBox and other companies have a great feel, adding a natural counterpoint to the metal and glass of our devices. Now a new company based in Boise, Idaho -- Root Cases --is making and sell...

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iLog holds up your iPad while you watch Ren & Stimpy episodes

In the never-ending quest to merge nature and technology, an iPad stand has emerged that would make a lumberjack proud. iLog by Twistedtwee is an iPad stand made from "carefully chosen re-claimed London wood," and it makes your iPad feel at home in any log cabin. The stand accommodates an iPad ...

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Apple keyboard gets touchy-feely with wooden tactile mod

This seems to be the day for keyboards. First, I wrote a review of the Scosche freeKEY flexible and water-resistant Bluetooth keyboard. Now we have word from CreativeBits of a wonderful keyboard mod that uses the tactile feel of sandblasted wood grain on a standard Apple keyboard to "strengthen...

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Wooden iPad 2 cover outsmarts Apple's Smart Cover

As if I don't already have a serious love affair with Apple's iPad 2 Smart Cover, now Holland-based Miniot is about to release a beautiful wooden iPad 2 cover. The cover is carved from a single piece of wood and works similarly to the Smart Cover. Rather than folding into a triangular tube,...

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Trick or Treat with TUAW: Sherwood + Meister Block22 iPad stand

TUAW is giving away a gaggle of ghoulishly good gadgets over the next few days. The good part of the giveaways? You don't need to wear a costume to win 'em. Today's entry in this week's Trick or Treat with TUAW giveaway extravaganza is something that is both simple and classy, like that little blac...

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The greenest iPod yet: made of real wood

Well, mostly. It's an iPod mini dressed up in wood, and the clickwheel happens to be wood as well -- check out this gallery at the Sydney Morning Herald. Australian modder Josh Darrah whipped up this crazy wooden skin for his mini, and a wood dock to boot after calling the metal and plastic case mat...

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Wooden iPod cases

Website CoolAsFunk tracked down these fabulous wooden iPod cases from Japanese wooden-toy manufacturer Asuka Koubou[1] via distributer Rakuten. Your 5G or nano iPod slips into the case, leaving access to the docking port, scroll wheel and screen. It's not entirely clear what keeps the iPod from slip...

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