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iPhone recreated in wood (and a toy iPad for the taking)

How great is this wooden iPhone, complete with special block icons to get moved around on the "touchscreen"? I'm not quite sure what it says about our culture that we're recreating Apple's magical device in this way (though it should be noted that this is an art project, not an actual "wooden b...

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Surprisingly affordable wooden iPhone skins

Now that Apple's giving away cases for your iPhone, you're going to really have to go off the beaten path to find something that gives your phone a more original look than the standard neon bumper. Enter these classy wooden skins sold by KARVT, which not only separate your iPhone from the crowd but...

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iPhone, encased in leather

Michael sent us news of yet another iPhone case, this one made by Noreve. It looks pretty nice, and it's interesting that they created a flip that goes down instead of up-- they say that the camera is still usable with the case on, which is super nice. The colored cases aren't selling yet, apparentl...

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Strange wooden velvet-lined case for iPod nano

Occasionally strange iPod cases surface (no not that pink knit case your great-aunt made you last year). Take for example this wooden velvet-lined iPod nano case engraved on the cover with the To-fu Oyako character found by Popgadget today. I find a few things wrong with this case, beyond the fact t...

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