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Hours is a clean, useful time tracker for iPhone

I've been working from home for a few years now, and even though I'm a telecommuter, I occasionally take a side gig. There are many apps that will let me track by billable hours, including the aptly-named Hours by Tapity (US$4.99). I found Hours to be simple to use, legible and functional. Plus,...

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Apple ranks 35th in Glassdoor's 'Best Places to Work 2014' survey

Glassdoor has announced the results of its sixth annual Employees' Choice Awards that ranks the best places to work in America. The rankings are chosen by the employees who work at the companies and the awards are divided into two categories: large- and medium-sized companies. Apple, of course, fi...

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CES 2013: FileMaker celebrates half a million iOS downloads

FileMaker was here in attendance at the Digital Experience event last night at CES in Las Vegas, and they had some big news to announce: The company has reached a full half million iOS downloads for its database-driven software solutions. That's a big milestone for the company, and while iOS inst...

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Apple revamps Student Jobs page

Apple has revamped their Student Jobs page, which allows students or recent graduates to find work opportunities with Apple. The newly revamped page offers a simplified layout with job opportunities sorted into two sections: "I'm currently in school" lists all Apple Campus Rep, internship,...

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Director DJ Caruso on using iPads to make I Am Number Four

Here's yet another example of the iPad excelling in a place it was never intended to actually go: making movies. Director DJ Caruso did an interview in an Apple Store recently, and he says that he used the iPad in all kinds of ways to help make his new movie I am Number Four, from controlling on-se...

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KLA-Tencor CEO rewards 5,400 employees with iPads

Talk about a logistical nightmare for an IT department! Last summer, 5,400 employees of semiconductor maker KLA-Tencor were rewarded for their hard work with brand new iPads, according to a report from CIO. After the company posted revenue of US$1.8 billion, the CEO decided that his employees deserv...

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Kindle, iPad, and paper examined microscopically

The above image is a picture of the iPad's screen, multiplied by 24 times over. Keith Peters at Bit-101 used his new USB microscope to examine a few different e-reader displays up really close, and the results are definitely a fun read. The iPad doesn't do too well, actually -- I think the Kindle l...

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Incoming, outgoing Apple employees

A few Apple employees played some musical chairs this week. Executive Pablo Calamera, who was in charge of MobileMe while at Apple, is off to work as the CTO of Thumbplay, a company that peddles ringtones and music to mobile devices. HR shouldn't have to change the big "35,000 employed worldwide...

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Apple files for 'Magic Trackpad' trademark

Apple sure likes that word 'magic' lately. We already have the Magic Mouse, and soon we may have a 'Magic Trackpad'. That's the word from the Patently Apple website that keeps an eye on these sometimes mysterious Apple filings. Apple wants to have the rights to 'Magic Trackpad', and wants to make su...

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Featured job of the week: Mac developer for graphics focused project

Job Description Join an award-winning ex-Apple graphic designer as well as a respected computer vision/graphics researcher, with patents licensed by a number of well-known technology brands, to take a patent-pending technology and build it into a best-of-class Mac application. We are looking for ...

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Need a Mac or iPhone developer? TUAW job boards are here!

Notice anything new at TUAW? We've had our job boards up for a week now, making sure all the tape would stick when new jobs were posted, and I'm proud to say that the doors are wide open for job seekers and for those looking to fill positions. We've got a button up top that'll take you straight to ...

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Convertbot updated to 1.1, adds more units to convert

I haven't had much use for Tapbots' Weightbot, even though I actually am currently watching my weight, but I really appreciate the look and feel of the program -- it's one of the most polished apps on the App Store. And Convertbot is no different -- while the actual situations where I need to conver...

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iTunes makes your life better

UsingMac has posted an exhaustive look at iTunes from the perspective of making your working life better. From basic tips like shuffling songs and shuffling movies to more advanced tips like using Terminal to set a half-star rating, it's well thought out. My favorite tip involves browser mode. Many ...

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Get a Mac, get a job

As the economy makes with the poop, we can all use a little bit of extra help finding work. Whether it's side projects, or full-time employment, there are plenty of jobs available for system administrators, programmers, and creative people -- all who use a Mac. I've assembled a collection of sites a...

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Widget Watch: Check new releases by artists in your iTunes library with newTunes

Tired of browsing the (often late) New Release emails from the iTMS to find out whether an artist you actually care about has released a new album? Sick of adding an 'Artist Alert' for each of the hundreds of artists cataloged in your vast library? Well pound those keys no more, frustrated iTMS sho...

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