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Security team describes iPhone Airplane Mode issue

The addition of an easily accessible control panel for turning on features like WiFi, brightness and Airplane Mode from the iPhone's lock screen was a welcome addition to iOS 7. But, as a group of German security researchers has discovered, it may provide a backdoor for thieves to break into your ...

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Make Chrome open iTunes store links in iTunes

If you're having a hard time getting iTunes and App Store links to launch from Google Chrome right to the app from your browser, MacStories editor-in-chief Federico Viticci has found a nice workaround in the App Store support community. The workaround requires editing program files, so be careful...

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Unity takes a bow on Apple's third-party development stance

When Apple first passed out those development restrictions on using third-party platforms to create iOS apps, Unity was one of the third-party services that could have been frozen out (though Flash was obviously in everyone's minds). The team behind the popular game development environment assured e...

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Fixing broken iTunes Automator workflows in iTunes 10

If you depend on Automator workflows for managing music or other tasks in iTunes, the upgrade to version 10 may have come as a bit of a cold shock. Macworld pointed out that most available workflows for iTunes simply would not load with iTunes 10; a frustrating circumstance, to be sure. Fortunate...

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Flash on the iPhone, in demo form

Flash has finally made its way to the iPhone, with the help of some sneaky developers. The open source Gordon project, hosted over at github, has provided a JavaScript-powered Flash runtime. With it, you can actually load and view Flash's .swf files, even on the iPhone's Mobile Safari browser. I gav...

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Inside iPhone 3.0: Fix too-strict passcode lock settings for Exchange users

If your iPhone was connected to an Exchange server for email, contact or calendar synchronization prior to your upgrade to the 3.0 software, you may have run into the same problem that was bugging me for a day or so: the timeout on the passcode lock gets set to "Immediate," forcing you to enter the...

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Safari RSS vulnerability might reveal your personal data

This vulnerability is patched in the 2009-001 security updates. When reports of security issues in Apple's Safari browser come over the transom, they get our attention. When they're exploitable in both the Mac and Windows versions of Safari, they get our full and undivided attention. When the person...

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