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Apple's suppliers hit 99% work-hour compliance

Like virtually every other hardware manufacturer on the planet, Apple uses factories and workers in China to manufacture its hardware products. However given that China's worker rights and safety requirements are often less than they are in other developed nations, the public eye has turned tow...

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Improvements at Foxconn's China factory

Foxconn has been under the microscope due to excessive overtime and poor working conditions at its Chinese production facilities. A report in the New York Times suggests the company is making changes that'll improve the workplace for its 1.4 million employees in China. These improvements includ...

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Marketplace's Rob Schmitz interviews Foxconn workers, shows how an iPad is made

Marketplace reporter Rob Schmitz visited a Foxconn factory in Shenzhen, China. In the latest report in an on-going series, Schmitz talks to the workers and re-tells their stories. Many employees talk about overbearing supervisors and the extreme poverty faced by the Chinese people in the rural ...

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Group looking to form Apple Retail Workers Union

Today, we received an email from an organization calling itself the Apple Retail Workers Union. The organization is trying to garner enough support among Apple retail employees to unionize. From the email: On May 19, 2001, Apple opened the doors to its first retail stores. It encouraged peop...

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