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Fair Labor Association finds multiple violations at Foxconn facilities

The Fair Labor Association has announced the first results of its Foxconn investigation. The report documents more than 50 violations or policy gaps including excessive overtime, unpaid wages and low salaries that can't cover the workers' basic necessities. The results in this report came from ...

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Protestors planning to be at Apple Stores again this Friday

TUAW has gotten word that protestors are planning at assemble at some Apple Stores in Washington, DC's Georgetown, New York City, and San Francisco this Friday, presumably in anticipation of the new iPad's release. These campaigns are being run from Change.org by Mark Shields, who sounds reaso...

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Fair Labor Association: iPad plant conditions "better than the norm"

While protesters are targeting the Chinese Foxconn plants that make iPads and iPhones, the first report from the Fair Labor Association (FLA) indicates that they may want to start focusing their attention on other manufacturing plants. The comments were made in a Reuters article today highlighting...

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Protesters plank outside Foxconn's shareholder meeting

Protesters are planking outside a Foxconn shareholder meeting to demand higher wages and voice their dissatisfaction with the company's treatment of its employees. Planking is a trendy new activity that involves people laying face down on the ground with arms by their side for fun, or in this c...

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A look inside the Foxconn factory

French journalist and photographer Jordan Pouille revisited a Foxconn factory in Longhua, China and reported on factory conditions in the wake of a highly publicized pay raise for its Chinese workers. This pay raise came in response to criticism over a rash of suicides occurring at this Longhua fact...

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Report: Foxconn making 1.5 iPhones per second

137,000 iPhones per day. That's how many manufacturer Foxconn is reportedly making these days, its chairman tells the press. That's an amazing figure adding up to 50 million iPhones every single year, even as Apple struggles to keep enough hardware in stock. And the process isn't easy, either -- ch...

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Foxconn hiring and relocating 400,000 workers

The recent issues at Foxconn haven't actually slowed the company down, apparently -- it has announced that it will be hiring 400,000 more workers at new plants in China, thanks to a 50 percent increase in revenue lately. The total number of people working at Foxconn will be estimated at 1.3 million...

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Rumor: Apple paying Foxconn workers directly

After all of the trouble last week at Foxconn, the Chinese factory suffering from worker suicides, rumor has it that Apple is stepping up to increase wages at the plant by paying workers directly. A Chinese website claims that Apple may eventually pay workers as a percentage of product sales, tho...

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Foxconn looking to hire an exorcist, Wintek dealing with lawsuit

This one's just plain weird. After being plagued with a series of suicides recently, Apple supplier Foxconn has brought in an exorcist to try and end the "negative incidents" at the plant. What a mess. Foxconn has been called out for bad labor conditions before, and call us skeptical, but the pro...

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iPod factory admits to violating Chinese labor laws

Sounds like things might not be so squeaky clean in the "iPod City" after all, as Engadget has dug up some dirt on the Foxconn factory's admission of breaching Chinese labor laws. Specifically, Foxconn has admitted their employees work about 80 extra hours each month - which is a tad above and beyon...

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