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Leopard Tips and Tricks for client management will improve your admin life

Keeping up with the Leopard-centric changes to managed preferences and mobile accounts is crucial if you're responsible for a labful or campus-ful of Macs, and you want to gracefully control what permissions or resources your wanton users have when they log in. One great resource for Mac admins divi...

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Lab admin's secret weapon: Tips & Tricks for Mac Management

If you're the person responsible for Mac support in a big, cross-platform shop, it can sometimes feel like you're alone in the Windows wilderness. Established communities like AFP548.com (port 548 is reserved for the AppleShare Filing Protocol, hence the name) and MacEnterprise.org are critical reso...

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Mac OS X Server Admin Tools updated to 10.4.4

Don't put that mouse down just yet, it's time to launch Software Update again. Apple has updated their Server Admin Tools to version 10.4.4. According to Apple, "This update provides compatibility for administering Mac OS X Server from Mac OS X computers, and is recommended for all systems. It ...

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