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iOS, Android and Mac stats for World of Goo

World of Goo is a physics based game that's popular among kids and adults. It started off as a PC desktop game and transitioned to the Mac, iPhone and iPad. The company recently sold its one millionth copy on iOS and released some sales stats for its different platforms. Not surprisingly, the u...

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World of Goo for iPad outsells the Mac, PC, Linux, Wii, Xbox versions

Developer 2D Boy makes the popular World of Goo game, which they recently released on the iPad, and the official blog has a long writeup about the iPad version from creation to release. 2D Boy originally planned to release the game on the iPhone, but couldn't get it to work right, so when the iPad ...

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World of Goo coming to iPad, Gunstar Heroes out now

Here are two good pieces of news for iOS gamers. First up, World of Goo, the practically classic indie game that has you building little structures out of blobs of goo, is headed to the App Store just as soon as Apple approves the app for iPad. The app will feature one-screen multiplayer, with up t...

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