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Apple's two-step ID now rolling out to a worldwide release

Apple recently introduced two-step verification for your Apple ID in certain countries, and the process is now being expanded to the rest of the world. The feature, which requires two different codes for verifying your Apple ID (if you want to be extra safe) was initially only available in the US,...

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iPhone 5 to launch in India, elsewhere Nov. 2

Apple fans eagerly awaiting the iPhone 5's broader worldwide release will have a reason to look forward to November 2 -- India, Greece, Bulgaria, Malta, Romania and Thailand will all score the new smartphone on that date. Additional countries are also likely included in that new rollout, though no...

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iOS devices affecting Mac's web share worldwide

There's a new set of web share stats out in the US, and it appears that on a worldwide scale, the iPhone and other iOS devices are taking a bite out of normal computers' web browsing, but specifically more for Macs than Windows PCs. That's the conclusion in the new Net Applications report, which no...

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Apple gains 19% share of portable gaming market, 5% of everything

Flurry's got lots of new data this week -- earlier, we heard that 44% of apps coming to the iPad are going to be games, and now they're saying that Apple is making huge headway into the gaming market overall. According to the latest numbers, the iPhone OS has nabbed 15% of the mobile game market aw...

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Apple hires two more for mobile ad sales

In addition to their Quattro Wireless buy last month, Apple has picked up two more new employees that seems like additions to an incoming mobile advertising business. Theo Theodorou was picked up from Microsoft's mobile advertising sales department and will head sales in Europe, the Middle East, an...

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Leaf Trombone out now in the App Store

I've been down on the fine folks at Smule in the past -- I've said that their app Ocarina seems kind of silly (even if people have created some pretty awesome stuff with it and other less annoying music apps). And about the only thing they could have done to make it up to me was to develop some sor...

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WorldWide Telescope: Works great on a Mac (if you have Windows)

You might have heard that Microsoft Research has released WorldWide Telescope (WWT), it's software to devour the universe whole provide a fun way to browse the planets and stars. The BBC mentioned that you can run WWT on your Mac ... so long as you have Windows on your Mac. Sigh. VMWare helpfully g...

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