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Kaspersky Lab: Apple is '10 years behind Microsoft' on security

Kaspersky founder and CEO Eugene Kaspersky told Computer Business Review that malware targeting the Mac is beginning to grow and Apple needs to take notice. The CEO said Apple is "ten years behind Microsoft in terms of security," and asserts that Apple must change its approach towards securit...

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Twenty percent of Macs examined infected with Windows malware

Sophos looked at 100,000 Mac computers and found that one in every five has some form of malware. This might sound alarming, but before you stare at your machine in disgust, you should get some perspective. The survey looked at 100,000 OS X machines that are running Sophos's free Mac anti-vir...

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New jailbroken iPhone worm is malicious

Last month a Dutch iPhone user demonstrated how careless jailbreaking can cause trouble. Namely, after finding users who enabled SSH with the phone's default password intact, he sent those phones a message that read, "Your iPhone's been hacked because it's really insecure! Please visit doiop.com/iHa...

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Worm rickrolls unsecured jailbroken iPhones via SSH

For the last few days, some jailbroken iPhone users have found their home screen background a little different than they remembered. A hacker, going by the name "ikee," created a worm that changes the home screen background on jailbroken iPhones whose owners failed to change the default password aft...

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Alleged OS X worm creator disappears

I'm not sure if you've been following the story of "Infosec Sellout" (it's a tough one to follow), but apparently the anonymous Mac hacker has given up blogging about OS X security-- his blog has been deleted and renamed on Blogspot. Just recently, he made headlines by claiming that he'd developed a...

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Does QuickTime pose a security risk?

The whole QuickTime/MySpace security hole that was discussed this week on TUAW has given rise to a general concern about QuickTime's vulnerabilities. The QuickTime bug apparently allowed a worm to infect MySpace user profiles and redirected traffic to a phishing site, where passwords were harvested...

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How would you react to a wide-spread Mac OS X virus?

One of the long-standing major appeals of the Mac OS has been its relatively small and low-impact ratio of serious security vulnerabilities and virus attacks. Users wear it like a badge on their shoulder, and even Apple has jumped in by flat-out bragging about Mac OS X's security with their latest G...

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MySpace blames Apple and QuickTime for hacked accounts

A malicious QuickTime movie made the rounds across MySpace profiles last weekend, altering user profiles and changing links on their pages to redirect to phishing websites crafted to look like MySpace logins. The movie, CNET reports, actually capitalized on a MySpace flaw and QuickTime's legitimate ...

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TUAW Podcast #13

This week's podcast involves Dan Pourhadi and the C4 developer shindig he attended, those exclusive Leopard screenshots we nabbed, iPod viruses and the corporate blame game, and we round off with Apple's preliminary 4th quarter earnings results. Dan and I kept things short this time around, as the p...

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Symantec offers an update for OSX.Leap.A

Well, here's something you don't see very often. Symantec has issued an update that offers protection agains OSX.Leap.A, the Mac Trojan Horse that we wrote about earlier. They classify it as a "level 1" on a scale of 1 to 5, so there's no need to slip into panic  mode. It seems to be ...

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