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Worms 3 coming to iOS as a mobile exclusive

Fans of classic PC gaming rejoice! It's time to lock, load, and blow up some Worms on your iPhone. Developers Team 17 have announced Worms 3 exclusively for iOS in Q3 of this year. Worms 2 was officially released in 1997, and while there have been add-ons and odd experiments like Worms 3D, this is...

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Apple removes claim of virus immunity

As small as the threat may be, Mac users can no longer claim immunity from attack by malicious software online. Many Mac users are starting to recognize this new reality and now Apple does, too. As noted in a recent PC World article, Apple has quietly removed the claim "It doesn't get PC viruses"...

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Worms 2 Armageddon gets asychronous play

Worms 2 Armageddon for iOS has just picked up an update with the most requested feature in Worms history: Asychronous play. That long word, in case you haven't heard it before, simply means that players can now play against each other on different schedules. We're talking about Worms with Frien...

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iPad games leak out, include Plants vs. Zombies HD and Worms HD

Whoops -- somebody at Apple accidentally jumped the gun on sending a few iPad titles to the App Store. A few HD titles have snuck into iTunes' web interface a little early, and while we already knew that some of them were on the way to the iPad (Flight Control HD has already been announced, and NBA...

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Worm rickrolls unsecured jailbroken iPhones via SSH

For the last few days, some jailbroken iPhone users have found their home screen background a little different than they remembered. A hacker, going by the name "ikee," created a worm that changes the home screen background on jailbroken iPhones whose owners failed to change the default password aft...

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Worms for the iPhone submitted to Apple

Everyone's favorite battling invertebrates are coming to the iPhone and iPod touch very soon -- the game was actually announced a little while ago, but Team 17 now says the game has been sent off to be examined by Apple's eyes, and so, as long as it doesn't have any objectionable content (you can'...

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How would you react to a wide-spread Mac OS X virus?

One of the long-standing major appeals of the Mac OS has been its relatively small and low-impact ratio of serious security vulnerabilities and virus attacks. Users wear it like a badge on their shoulder, and even Apple has jumped in by flat-out bragging about Mac OS X's security with their latest G...

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TUAW Podcast #13

This week's podcast involves Dan Pourhadi and the C4 developer shindig he attended, those exclusive Leopard screenshots we nabbed, iPod viruses and the corporate blame game, and we round off with Apple's preliminary 4th quarter earnings results. Dan and I kept things short this time around, as the p...

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Symantec: No file infecting viruses for OS X

Every time I write about Mac security the comments fill up with people telling me that I am an idiot (actually, come to think of it, that happens with most of my posts). Therefore, I thought some of you would enjoy this post from Symantec that which states categorically that there are no known file ...

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