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Weather to Wear helps you plan your skirts around the breeze

When it's hot outside, a nice skirt or dress can keep a person cooler during the day, but sometimes the wind conspires against you, turning your fashion statement into a bout of unexpected exhibitionism. Now, in the parlance of an old iOS slogan, there's an app for that. Weather to Wear is weath...

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If you have lots of rubbing alcohol, Lick app may just improve your love life

Sometimes people lack certain skills in life, skills that may affect their love life. The question is: how far would you go to gain those skills? Would you lick your iPhone to improve them? Even knowing where your phone has been? Lick is an important app that forces you to answer that frankly disgus...

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A giant pulsing blacklight for your iPhone or iPod

This has been out for a while, but in the same booth where Engadget found the Watch Your Bag crapgadget there's a giant blacklight dock that will pulse to the beat. Oh, and it has speakers. You can opt to leave the black light on if you want (no sync to music), or have it strobe. Naturally it'l...

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I review iPoo so you don't have to

The App Store has been accused of making some crap apps. Here's one: iPoo. In fact, iPoo isn't a terrible app. It features a dashboard of interesting factoids, like "how many gallons are being flushed right now." It also has a virtual bathroom stall interior, for you to indelibly make your clever wi...

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