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Apple publishes awkward workaround for OS X Mail issues plaguing users, and other news for Feb. 4, 2014

Apple has published a rather awkward workaround for users who are experiencing Mail troubles in OS X 10.9 Mavericks. Many users have reported trouble with Mail since 10.9 shipped, like misbehaving Gmail accounts, issues with moving and deleting messages and retrieving new messages. The last i...

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Daily iPad App: Wrestlefest brings the smackdown

THQ recently released a game called Wrestlefest on the App Store, and it's a weird mix of retro gaming and iOS. If you're a WWE fan, you'll probably love Wrestlefest. There's plenty of knock-down and several WWE stars, plus various game modes and moves to enjoy. The game itself is hard to quantify...

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WWE champ JBL: Apple stock a buy

Here's an article we didn't expect to find this morning. WWE superstar JBL writes about the stock market for The Street. No, seriously. In last Saturday's article, he had some nice things to say about Apple (and AAPL). Having just read iCon, the unauthorized bio of Steve Jobs, JBL stated his admirat...

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