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WWNC '09 official announcements and the 2010 bug

Each year, a crew of Newton users, developers and devotees gathers to celebrate the little green device, discuss projects, share resources and generally have fun. As a Newton owner myself, I've wanted to attend one of these for years. This summer's event features sessions by Grant Hutchinson, Ryan V...

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2009 World Wide Newton Conference announced

It's almost time for the annual tech event we all know and love. Not Macworld Expo, the World Wide Newton Conference! Started in 2004, the WWNC is a gathering of the most vocal and prolific members of the Newton Community. Projects that have come out of the WWNC include Einstein, a Newton OS emulato...

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WWNC 2007 Roundup

The 2007 World Wide Newton Conference took place in Tokyo last month. If you were unable to attend, you can browse the weekend's highlights here. The big news was the announcement that the Einstein Project - which brings the Newton OS to current hardware - has gone open source. It's now known as Op...

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