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Xbox One SmartGlass vs. PlayStation App: Battle of the second screens

In the past two weeks the gaming world got a jolt of life in the form of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and while the previous game console generation was all about motion controls, it's clear that the new machines will use second screen functionality and apps as major weapons of war. Both Micros...

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Microsoft releases Xbox One SmartGlass iOS app

In preparation for the launch of its new Xbox One gaming console on Friday, November 22, Microsoft has released the Xbox One SmartGlass app for iOS. Xbox One SmartGlass is essentially a remote control for the Xbox One's dashboard, allowing users to navigate the console using the iPhone's touchscre...

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Microsoft announces Xbox One, with more SmartGlass and TV integration

Microsoft has announced a brand-new game console today, though the company would probably be disappointed to hear that I called it that. The Xbox One is really more of an entertainment center all-in-one -- it's designed to connect your games, your streaming media and cable television all togethe...

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