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Tag: xbox-live

TUAW's Daily App: Uprising

Match-3 games are pretty easy to come by, so presentation is the really the qualifier -- does it do something a little more interesting than the average block-matcher? On that level, Uprising succeeds. While the core gameplay is pretty common (you pull blocks around a board, trying to match them ou...

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Xbox Live app for iPhone

360 Live [App Store link] certainly isn't the first Xbox 360 app to hit the iPhone, but it's definitely one of the most full-featured, offering gamertag management, complete friends list access, messaging capability, games library browsing (with achievements and all), and even a CoverFlow-style fri...

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Freeverse goes with ngmoco's Plus+ for iPhone social gaming

Freeverse has picked a partner in the ongoing dance of social gaming networks on the iPhone. They've joined up with ngmoco and their Plus+ system for all of their games, including Flick Bowling, Flick Fishing, and Moto Thunder. The first Freeverse game to use the system (which allows players to earn...

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Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition out on iPhone

That was fast -- LucasArts has released the Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition out to the iPhone, and it's available on the App Store right now for the low price of $7.99. I say low because even though that's higher than many games for the platform, this one is not only one of the best-loved...

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OpenFeint drops dev fees as Chillingo announces social gaming network Crystal SDK

The social gaming market on the iPhone has taken two sharp turns recently. First up, right after announcing that their system hit a full million users, OpenFeint announced that their social gaming platform has gone completely free for developers. Originally, the SDK was free to download, and then th...

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Scoreloop introduces Scoreloop Community for the iPhone

We've talked about OpenFeint quite a few times on the site before (and even interviewed the creators), but while they're definitely one of the biggest names in creating gaming communities for the iPhone, they're not alone. A company called Scoreloop has today announced a service called "Scoreloop Co...

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Rumor: Apple considering a $19.99 price point for App Store games?

It's just a rumor at this point, but yes, apparently it's floating around out there that Apple may be considering a $19.99 price point for "premium" games in the App Store. That would be a direct response not only to bigger developers who say a 99 cents to $9.99 price point is too low for them to ju...

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Raging Thunder tries online multiplayer

Raging Thunder is one of those games we've been watching since the App Store was first announced, and now it may have reached another milestone. Polarbit says that with version 1.0.3, which is in the App Store now, they've released online, real-time competitive multiplayer. They say it's an App Stor...

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Xbox Live Friends list on your iPhone

There are quite a few ways online to see what your friends are up to in Xbox Live -- the most fun way is probably the 360 Voice site (that lets your Xbox blog about what you've been playing lately), but there are also Facebook applications, Dashboard widgets, and all kinds of other ways to keep tabs...

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iHaloStats puts Halo info on the iPhone

This little app combines pretty much my two favorite things right now: my copy of Halo 3 and my iPhone. iHaloStats pulls all of the information from your Halo 3 matches available on Bungie's site (and if you haven't played the game, yes there is a ton of it -- every shot, grenade throw, and double...

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