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iPhone 4S users complain of yellowish display tint

Some iPhone 4S users are reporting their screen has a yellowish tint. The tinting problem supposedly affects the whole display and gives everything a washed out appearance when compared to the iPhone 4. This is apparently different from the yellow tinting problem of the iPhone 4 which appear...

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Thus goeth down the Apple Store

Shall I compare thee to a yellow sticky note? Thou art more foreboding and less indicative of closure. Rough winds do shake retail commerce before May And downtime hath all too short a date. Sometimes too excited the yellow sticky shines And often is his gold complexion dimm'd And sometimes when cr...

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An Open Letter From Yellow to Apple

Apple has historically been - and to a certain point sill is - a pretty darn colorful company. True, Jobs and Ive seem to prefer to stick to grayscale for their flagship products (iMac, iPod, MacPro, MacBook/Pro, mini, etc), there is always a dash of color to be found somewhere in the Apple product ...

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White MacBooks Turning Yellow

When TUAW reader Rich sent us this link pointing to an Apple Discussions page discussing the tendency for some of the plastics on the new white MacBooks to turn yellowish after just a few weeks, I initially dismissed it as one or two overly-sensitive Mac users complaining about the inevitable hand g...

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