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Google relaunches Zagat app

In 2011 Google bought the restaurant review site Zagat. Now, with the relaunch of Zagat's app, the service is free to use without registering for the first time. The service is getting an across-the-board update from its website to its apps for iOS and Android. At the moment Zagat's relaunch only...

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Google announces new features for its Maps app, coming soon

Google I/O is going down today (as you have probably noticed from all of the Google updates), and one of the new products announced there is a new version of the Google Maps app, due out to the App Store later on this summer. Google says the new Maps app will include integrated information from ...

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Yahoo! releases Sketch-a-Search for iPad, update for iPhone

Yahoo has released an iPad version of its popular iPhone Sketch-a-Search app. For those not familiar with the app, Sketch-a-Search lets users simply sketch a line around an area of the built-in Google map to find restaurants within the sketched area. The app on the iPhone is great, and it's somethi...

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Largest independent book publisher signs with Apple

Despite threats from Amazon that it will stop selling the independent publisher's books if they sign on with Apple's iBookstore, Perseus Books Group, the largest independent publisher, has signed a deal with Apple. David Steinberger, chief executive of Perseus, told the New York Times, "We're wor...

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