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Steve Jobs's long and complex relationship with Japan

Japanese writer Hayashi Nobuyuki has written a thoughtful article on Steve Jobs and Japan, covering both the professional and personal influences that helped shape Jobs's path through life and with Apple. The piece has been translated into English, and it's worth a read. Jobs considered himself...

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Review: 'The Zen of Steve Jobs' graphic novel

I just took ten minutes (hey, it's a comic book) and read Caleb Melby and Jess3's The Zen of Steve Jobs graphic novel and I think anyone who is a fan of comic books or Steve Jobs is going to like it. As I told you in September, the 60-page graphic novel is a re-imagining of Steve Jobs' life during...

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Server issues preventing iOS 5 updates for many - TUAW recommends a dose of zen

Sometimes, bad upgrades happen. Multiple users are reporting an error 3200 or 3002 when they try to upgrade to iOS 5, or getting a warning about ineligible upgrades. Some others are encountering other scary, silly, or exasperating iTunes hurdles on the path to bringing your iOS device into the ...

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Preview: 4 pages from forthcoming Steve Jobs graphic novel

Forbes has published four pages from the upcoming Zen of Steve Jobs graphic novel. The 60-page book is brought to you by Forbes and the people at JESS3, who specialize in data visualization. The Zen of Steve Jobs is a re-imagining of Steve Jobs' life during the mid-1980s after he left Apple and...

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Zen Bound 2 arrives on the Mac via Steam

Zen Bound 2, the second in the series of terrific iPhone and iPad games, is now out on the Mac platform as well, courtesy of Valve's great Steam platform. If you've ever played this one (and you definitely should), you'll know how it works -- wrap a virtual rope around a series of weird shapes tryi...

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TUAW's Daily App: Zentomino HD

There are lots of frantic action games available on the App Store, but sometimes all you want to do is get home, sit down with your iPad, and relax with a fun puzzle. Zentomino is a game that lets you do exactly that. It's a very zen take on the "pentomino" puzzle game, requiring you to fit a certa...

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WWDC 2010: iZen Garden for iPad

Last week at WWDC, we met up with Jive DeVoe -- he's the developer behind the iZen Garden app for the iPhone, iPod touch, and, just recently, the iPad. The app purports to be a zen garden simulation, and it works as exactly that -- you can rake patterns in the sand, or put over 130 objects like ston...

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First Look: iZen Garden

The iPhone App Store offers several zen garden applications and today, I was able to play with one of them, iZen Garden [iTunes link], on my simulator. The program allows you to place stones onto a bed of sand and rake the sand around the stones. As the marketing materials suggest, it's basically a...

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Will iTunes truly support interoperability?

Earlier this week, Apple and EMI broke some serious ground in the digital music industry by announcing DRM-free music across the entirety of EMI's catalog, beginning with the iTunes Store. In the conference call, Steve Jobs cited interoperability as a key reason for the move; songs downloaded from t...

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Creative attempts to redefine "Podcast"

This is a good one. When they aren't busy trying to sue the pants off of Apple, Creative gets very creative indeed with the definition of "Podcast." While most of us would define "podcast" as the distribution of audio/video content to an iPod via an RSS feed (more or less), Creat...

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