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Zibri spots more Qualcomm evidence in iTunes

The evidence of a shift in Apple's wireless chipset choices for upcoming iDevices is growing stronger. First there was Engadget's strongly sourced report indicating that Qualcomm (the key innovator/inventor in the CDMA space) was going to take over the radio component sourcing for both the iPhone 5...

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Ziphone author demos iPhone crash to Forbes

Ziphone creator Piergiorgio Zambrini has discovered a bug with the iPhone that causes the phone to crash when it starts to play a specially-created video. Forbes.com recorded a demonstration. The bug apparently affects the audio track of the video, which takes down the iPhone operating system. I cou...

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ZiPhone 2.5 released

If you are looking to jailbreak your iPhone and the most recent iNdependence beta isn't for you, you might be interested in trying out the latest version of ZiPhone. ZiPhone 2.5, which is now available for all users (not just financial donors, who were expected to get the app somewhat sooner than th...

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Zibri's jailbreak works with iPhone 1.1.4

Our own Erica Sadun has confirmed that Zibri's jailbreak does work with the 1.1.4 update, released today. We're told that Nate True has tried it out with the new update installed, and that it does work. So big news for jailbreakers -- update away, because the jailbreak wasn't one of the "bugs" fix...

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