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Daily iPhone App: Dead Ahead races through a stylish zombieland

Dead Ahead is a game released by Chillingo a few weeks ago, and it's been huge in the App Store charts lately. It's an endless running game where you're actually on a moped (or, later, a motorcycle), racing through a zombie-ridden apocalypse. The game's controls are excellently simple (you move ...

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New Minecraft: Pocket Edition update due out soon

The next version of iOS' Minecraft Pocket Edition has been submitted, according to the official Mojang blog, and it brings another round of updates designed to bring the game in line with its bigger PC and console cousins. In this update, players are set to get access to things like paintings, ...

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App Store has growing population of never-downloaded "zombie apps"

Here's a discouraging statistic for independent developers looking to break into the increasingly crowded iOS App Store. According to a report from mobile analytics firm Adeven, over two thirds of the store consists of "zombie" apps, which generate few downloads and almost no revenue to their c...

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Plants vs. Zombies updated with new mode

We haven't heard very much from PopCap on iOS lately. There was the Zuma's Revenge launch a little while ago, and before that was just the Bejeweled shakeup last year. So it's good to see the company is still working on the platform. The latest evidence of this is a surprise update for Plants v...

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TUAW's Daily App: Aftermath

I'll be honest -- I heard that Aftermath was a zombie game and almost gave up on it. I wouldn't be offended if you did the same, since lots of developers (especially iPhone developers) are depending a little too much on zombies for their gameplay. Yes, it's fun to fight the walking undead, but they...

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If I only had a brain

Leander beat me to this (he usually does!), but it's worth sharing here. When I first saw these pics, I thought it was just C.K. coming down from one of his recent DRM-induced rants. Then I thought it was an Apple Retail recruiting fair. Then I realized the pics were from Saturday's Zombie Flashmob ...

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