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ZooGue's Case Prodigy iPad case has a magnetic personality

ZooGue has made some of the most flexible iPad cases in the past, and the new ZooGue Case Prodigy ($59.99) carries on the tradition while getting rid of the Velcro that made the Case Genius Pro (still available for $49.99) so adjustable and so popular. In this review we'll take a look at the ...

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ZooGue's Social Case Pro: Colorful, and free for a limited time

Here at TUAW, we do a lot of reviews of iPhone cases, but rarely do we get to tell our readers about a case that is actually free for a short time. That's the case with ZooGue's new Social Case Pro, which will normally sell for US$14.99. The company knows that the iPhone case market is crowded,...

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ZooGue cools an iPad by freezing it (video)

Tim Angel and the crew at ZooGue have been working on a followup to their wildly successful iPad case, and they expect to have it out by the end of this summer. The new case apparently features a thinner, completely reworked design with all of the flexibility of the old case and without all of ...

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iPad cases and stands: The few, the proud, the innovative

The flow of new iPad cases and stands continues unabated here at TUAW Labs, where I'm making room for the next round of goodies by boxing up what I've reviewed over the past few months and shipping it to NYC for the Engadget meetup. In order to get a few more into the box, I'm taking a look at ...

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ZooGue's BinderPad: A unique take on an iPad 2 case

It's the time of year when all the iPad case manufacturers are getting their products ready for the "back to school" rush, so I've been getting plenty of emails and writing a lot of reviews. It was refreshing to see something completely different from ZooGue -- the BinderPad (US$29.99) -- that ...

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iPad folio case roundup: Three great ways to protect your iPad

Some pundits were calling Macworld Expo 2011 the "iPad Case Expo" since there were so many vendors on hand with either "me-too" products or totally unique ideas. While I think that label is somewhat unfair, there were a lot of iPad cases on display at Macworld. A number of those designs showe...

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