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Zoom iQ5: A tiny professional stereo microphone for Lightning connector devices

For podcasters, reporters and others who want to capture sound on the go with their iOS devices, there's been a lack of options for the newer models of iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Why? Well, those models sport the new Lightning adapter. Zoom, the company that makes those amazing digital recorders...

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iPhoto 101: Use two fingers to crop and rotate photos

Here's an interesting feature of iPhoto that I'd never heard of before, courtesy of Mac OS X Hints. While using Edit mode in the app, you can drag two fingers on your MacBook's touchpad (or your Magic Trackpad) to control the various edits with better precision than just dragging around a mouse...

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Five Gifts for the Mac AV Geek

'Tis the season to be buying. But what do you get for that special geek in your life? I can't speak for your geek, but I know what I'm asking Santa for this year – I just hope he's a TUAW reader. Whether he is or not, maybe going through my list will give you an idea on how to max out your ...

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Change the behavior of the iTunes zoom button in 9

For me, one of the most welcome new features of iTunes 9 was the restoration of sanity to the way that iTunes responded to the zoom button. I had long been irritated by the non-standard behavior iTunes had displayed, brazenly flaunting the accepted practice of how the zoom button worked by toggling ...

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Sketches 1.7 out now

My favorite iPhone artmaking app, Sketches, has been updated again, this time to version 1.7. It's been made compatible with the iPhone 3.0 firmware, which means you no longer have to leave the app to share your pictures via email, and they've added in a few other bug fixes and improvements which wi...

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Camera Zoom 1.1 app released for OS 3.0

When I tried to take fourth of July fireworks pictures at Jones Beach on Long Island, I was too far away from the action to get anything really good. My iPhone 3GS turned the spectacular flashes of color into small colorful specks and I realized that what this camera needed was a zoom function. I l...

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Splash that iTunes visualizer across multiple monitors

iPodHacks has a very easy way to display your iTunes visualizer across multiple monitors using Mac OS X's built-in accessibility zoom feature. The instructions show you how to enable Zoom in the Universal Access system preference pane. When the visualizer is playing, you can zoom in on the iTunes ...

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Pixelmator 1.1.3 updates move, crop and zoom

The Pixelmator folks have updated their clean and simple picture editing app once again, and there are a host of new features and improvements on board for this one. The crop tool was the first thing that caught my eye -- it's more powerful than ever, as you can crop layer masks, set a rotation poin...

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iPhone 101: Zooming in and out of maps

In the iPhone Google Maps application, it's pretty obvious how to zoom into maps. You double tap the screen. The map readjusts, zooming further in. So how do you zoom out? Sure you can pinch your way back but there's a far easier way. Use a single multi-touch tap instead. That is, tap with two fing...

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Stop manually maximizing your windows

This rant about Mac OS X, multitasking and usability is brought to you by the letter Q and a disgruntled design student: I heard something snap in my head today as I sat down at the back of an art history lecture hall (where outlets are, I follow) and got to peek over the shoulder of a girl using a...

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