Exploring Alternatives to Skype: A Comparative Review

Earthink has recently launched a new offering for its broadband users, providing them with the ability to make calls online at no additional cost. This service, known as Free Online Calling, utilizes Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) technology, allowing users to communicate over the internet instead of traditional phone lines.

This means that two or more SIP users can converse freely, regardless of their location globally.

As a subscriber to Earthlink broadband myself, I’m eager to test out this new feature. However, I’ll need to connect with another Earthlink user since this service does not support conventional phone systems.

Earthlink is recognized as the first major nationwide ISP to offer a VoIP, competing with companies like Vonage on pricing, yet it would be intriguing to see a more Skype-like service from such a prominent provider.

In related news, I just received my Vonage installation kit today after signing up over the weekend. It took me just about 10 minutes to add the SoftPhone service, install the software for OS X, and start making calls.

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