iTMS Surpasses 200 Million Downloads Milestone

The iTunes Music Store recently celebrated a significant milestone, having surpassed 200 million downloads. This achievement cements its position as the leading online music retailer globally.

Steve Jobs expressed his enthusiasm about this achievement, stating, “iTunes has now sold over 200 million songs, making it the world’s number one online music store by far… we’re thrilled to be making music an even more popular gift this holiday season with iTunes and iPod.”

The landmark 200 millionth song was bought by Ryan Alekman from Belchertown, MA, who chose a track from “The Complete U2” collection.

This raises an interesting question: Did he buy the entire album, or was it just that one song that marked the milestone? There seems to be some confusion about whether individual tracks from the set can be purchased separately, as I’ve seen some complaints online about the necessity to buy the entire album. Does anyone have clarity on this? Can you pick and choose songs from the U2 set, or is it an all-or-nothing deal?

Regardless, congratulations are in order for the iTunes Music Store.

And a special shoutout to Ryan—enjoy your moment in the spotlight and hopefully, your new U2 tracks!


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