Star Wars Discussion: Exploring TUAW’s Updated Comment System

Significant updates are being implemented at TUAW and are expected to extend throughout the Weblogs, Inc. network.

As of today, a revamped comment rating system is in place to both spotlight valuable contributors and combat spam in the comments section.

Jason summed it up well in a recent blog post about our initial trials. He noted:

“We’ve introduced a feature in Blogsmith, our proprietary blogging platform, known as the ‘Star System.’ You can observe it in action at

The aim is straightforward: acknowledge the positive contributors and eliminate the nuisances and spammers.”

One of the perks of this system is that it doesn’t require agreement with your views for you to earn a star rating. There’s no necessity for flattery to gain recognition, although we don’t mind if you choose to do so!

It might take a short period to fully adjust to this new system, so initial ratings may be delayed.

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