Apple Transitions to Using Sun Chips in Operations

In an unexpected twist at the recent WWDC, Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs made a surprising announcement that left the audience visibly shocked. According to Steven Frank from Panic, Inc, who has insight into the matter, the big news from Apple involves a shift not in technology, but in snack preferences.

More details can be found on Frank’s blog about the announcement.

Here’s a delightful piece of information shared by stevenf:

“Today at WWDC, I’m thrilled to announce that Apple will be transitioning to Sun Chips¬Æ brand multigrain snacks,” declared Jobs, holding up a bag of the “Harvest Cheddar” flavor. “These are really good, you should try them!”

Jobs, known for his dramatic presentations, then proceeded to eat several chips, emphasizing their taste.

He humorously noted, “We’re planning to increase our consumption of these delicious snacks. I personally will be eating 3,000 bags by next summer, and I hope our developers will join me in this endeavor.

Tj Luoma

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