SomaFM Widget Review: Exploring the Somatic Features

Broadcasting directly from San Francisco, SomaFM stands out as a unique, listener-supported internet radio station that prides itself on being free from commercials and deeply rooted in the underground and alternative music scenes. Listeners can enjoy the diverse offerings of SomaFM through iTunes or directly from their website, which features multiple streaming channels.

For those who like to stay updated on the music they listen to, the Somatic SomaFM widget is a handy tool.

It allows users to monitor the last ten tracks played across any of the station’s channels. If a particular song catches your ear, a simple click on its title will direct you to the iTunes Music Store for purchase, with SomaFM receiving a 5% commission to support their operations.

This feature not only benefits the station but also provides a counterbalance to mainstream networks like those operated by Clear Channels. Additionally, the “Play it” button conveniently launches iTunes, allowing you to listen to the current track streaming live.

Although my current preference leans towards XM Radio, and my listening habits have shifted away from SomaFM, I fondly recall the days when I frequently tuned into their Indie Pop channel.


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