Exploring Currency Detection Techniques in Photoshop

In a recent discussion highlighted by C.K., an intriguing feature of Photoshop was brought to light through a post at creativebits.org. This feature pertains to the software’s ability to detect currency. This topic reminds me of an excellent presentation I saw at the Chaos Computer Club by Steven J. Murdoch, which delved into the intricacies of currency detection technology.

Interestingly, it’s not just Photoshop that incorporates such technology; many modern printers and scanners also have built-in systems to recognize currency, employing proprietary algorithms. During Murdoch’s lecture at 21C3, he noted that some printers even automatically adjust certain hues—turning orange to brown, for instance—to prevent the accurate reproduction of banknotes.

For those insistent on using currency images in their projects, the article at creativebits.org offers a quick workaround.

[slides for Steven J. Murdoch’s talk can be found here]

John Devis

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