Is iWork’s Market Share on the Rise?

It’s interesting to note that iWork, Apple’s suite of productivity software, isn’t exactly a direct competitor to Microsoft Office. It lacks a comprehensive spreadsheet program, its word processing capabilities, represented by Pages, are not on par with traditional word processors, and it certainly doesn’t include anything akin to Microsoft’s Entourage.

Despite these differences, it’s somewhat amusing that iWork is currently outselling Corel’s WordPerfect suite.

Surprisingly, WordPerfect is still available for purchase, though it’s unclear where. The main takeaway, however, is that iWork is performing well commercially, despite its limited distribution channels, and is even making gains in market share.

Of course, this is in the shadow of Microsoft Office’s dominant position, which continues to hold a massive portion of the market.

According to a report by CNet, “Last year, Office accounted for an impressive 95 percent of U.S. retail sales, while Apple managed to increase its market share to 2.7 percent, surpassing Corel’s 1.6 percent.” This statistic isn’t indicative of a major shift in the business or consumer markets but rather highlights effective targeted marketing strategies.

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