Download and Convert YouTube Videos for iPod with TubeSock

For those who find that merely bookmarking YouTube videos and creating playlists isn’t sufficient to satisfy their need for the platform’s vast array of content, TubeSock offers a more robust solution. This handy tool not only allows users to save their favorite videos but also enables them to convert these videos for use on devices like iPods.

By simply inputting a YouTube URL or video ID, users can preview the video, and then choose from several saving and exporting options such as H.264, PSP, audio-only, or even the original Flash FLV format. Additionally, TubeSock integrates a bookmarklet in Safari for quicker access and can automatically transfer exported videos directly into iTunes, streamlining the process from YouTube to iPod.

Having tested the demo version, the compression process is notably fast, and it conveniently removes the downloaded Flash file after the export is complete.

However, the demo restricts users to exporting just the first 30 seconds of a video unless they pay a $15 registration fee.


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