Exploring Yahoo! oneSearch and Go for Mobile 2: A Deep Dive

During the recent introduction of the iPhone, Jerry Yang of Yahoo! sparked curiosity with mentions of innovative mobile services. These services, namely oneSearch and Go for Mobile 2.0, were unveiled at CES, as reported by the New York Times.

A notable quote from the article by Yahoo!’s senior vice president for broadband and mobile, Steve Boom, caught attention:

“We view the mobile Internet today as entering an era where the PC-based Internet was in ’96 or ’97,” said Boom. “It is just on the cusp of taking off.” This statement raises the question: Is “Steve Boom” an actual name or just a playful pseudonym?

The Go for Mobile platform is described on Yahoo!’s corporate blog as “a swirling carousel of little widgets” that enhances mobile access to Yahoo! services like local search and weather updates.

The oneSearch module promises a streamlined, intuitive search experience for mobile users. Interested users can download the beta version directly from Yahoo! by navigating to http://get.go.yahoo.com/ or explore the tour.

At CES, Yahoo! even offered free Coldstone ice cream at their booth, adding a sweet touch to their promotional efforts.

Michael Rose

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