iPhony Launcher App Transforms Palm OS Interface

If you’re a Treo user with an eye on the iPhone, you’re in luck. You can now transform your device’s interface with Mo’s iPhony launcher, which emulates the iPhone’s iconic home screen.

Although it’s currently available in version 0.2 for 320×320 screens, an update for 320×480 screens is on the horizon, promising to delight Palm TX owners.

Clicking on the Mail icon won’t launch Apple’s Mail app; instead, it opens SnapperMail. However, the aesthetic upgrade can make your device feel refreshed.

Mo emphasizes that iPhony is designed to be a playful interface rather than a serious tool, acknowledging the stiff competition in the launcher market. His initiative is nonetheless commendable.

And for those of you wondering, I’m still waiting for someone to develop an iPhone theme for my Blackberry 8700!

Thanks, Sammual!


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