Yahoo! and Monster Back Jobs in DRM Conflict

In a recent development, Steve Jobs has garnered support from executives at Yahoo! Music and Monster Cable in his campaign against DRM (Digital Rights Management). Dave Goldberg, an executive at Yahoo! Music, expressed his long-standing opposition to DRM, noting the abundance of DRM-free music already in circulation which simplifies user experience.

He highlighted the inefficacy of Microsoft’s DRM solutions, mentioning that Yahoo! has experimented with both DRM-protected and DRM-free music offerings, with the latter showing a positive impact on sales.

Similarly, Noel Lee, the head of Monster Cable, has voiced his company’s alignment with Jobs’ initiative to eliminate restrictions on legally downloaded music. Lee described DRM as not only a complex and politically charged issue but also as a hindrance to digital music compatibility, which confuses consumers and constrains the industry.

Monster Cable’s music division, Monster Music, promotes a format called SuperDisc, which features high-definition surround sound tracks and DRM-free files, supporting the movement towards open formats.

The question now remains whether other companies will join this stance against DRM, or if Apple and its new allies will face increased pressure from major record labels to maintain the DRM framework.


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