Explore Digital Maps: Navigating Your Online Journey

The application Meander has recently been updated to version 1.5, offering users a unique way to create personalized routes on digital maps. Unlike typical automated routes provided by platforms like Google Maps or Yahoo Maps, Meander allows users to manually draw their paths, which is particularly handy for pedestrians or cyclists.

The application features a semi-transparent “Acetate” overlay that users can place over any map displayed in a web browser or a PDF file. Users can then capture this map with a snapshot feature and draw their desired route directly on it.

A movable scaling bar helps in accurately measuring the distance of the entire route or the distance between specific points. The latest update introduces the ability to attach images to routes, a new journaling feature, and other enhancements.

Meander is available for purchase at $19.99, and a demo version can be accessed for those interested in trying it out before buying.

[Source: MacMinute]

Michael Rose

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